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Date/time routines

Functions for date and time handling.

Name Description
DateTimeToFileDate Convert DateTime type to file date
DateTimeToStr Construct string representation of DateTime
DateTimeToString Construct string representation of DateTime
DateTimeToSystemTime Convert DateTime to system time
DateTimeToTimeStamp Convert DateTime to timestamp
DateToStr Construct string representation of date
Date Get current date
DayOfWeek Get day of week
DecodeDate Decode DateTime to year month and day
DecodeTime Decode DateTime to hours, minutes and seconds
EncodeDate Encode year, day and month to DateTime
EncodeTime Encode hours, minutes and seconds to DateTime
FormatDateTime Return string representation of DateTime
IncMonth Add 1 to month
IsLeapYear Determine if year is leap year
MSecsToTimeStamp Convert nr of milliseconds to timestamp
Now Get current date and time
StrToDateTime Convert string to DateTime
StrToDate Convert string to date
StrToTime Convert string to time
SystemTimeToDateTime Convert system time to datetime
TimeStampToDateTime Convert time stamp to DateTime
TimeStampToMSecs Convert Timestamp to number of milliseconds
TimeToStr return string representation of Time
Time Get current time

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