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Returns the command-line argument following the given switch.


Source position: strutils.pp line 216

function GetCmdLineArg(

  const Switch: string;

  SwitchChars: TSysCharSet





Switch to search for



Switch characters to use. Can be empty.

Function result

Command line argument that followed the switch


GetCmdLineArg returns the value for the Switch option on the command-line, if any is given. Command-line arguments are considered switches if they start with one of the characters in the SwitchChars set. The value is the command-line argument following the switch command-line argument.

Gnu-style (long) Options of the form switch=value are not supported.

The StdSwitchChars constant can be used as value for the SwitchChars parameter.


The GetCmdLineArg does not check whether the value of the option does not start with a switch character. i.e.

myprogram -option1 -option2

will result in "-option2" as the result of the GetCmdLineArg call for option1.

See also



Standard characters for the SwitchChars argument of GetCmdLineArg.

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