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Get free size on Disk.


Source position: dosh.inc line 102

function DiskFree(

  drive: Byte



DiskFree returns the number of free bytes on a disk. The parameter Drive indicates which disk should be checked. This parameter is 1 for floppy a:, 2 for floppy b:, etc. A value of 0 returns the free space on the current drive.

Remark: For Unices: The diskfree and disksize functions need a file on the specified drive, since this is required for the statfs system call. These filenames are set in the initialization of the Dos unit, and have been preset to :

There is room for 1-26 drives. You can add a drive with the AddDisk procedure. These settings can be coded in dos.pp, in the initialization part.


-1 when a failure occurs, or an invalid drive number is given.

See also



Get total size of disk.



Add disk definition to list if drives (Unix only)


Program Example6;
uses Dos;

{ Program to demonstrate the DiskSize and DiskFree function. }

  WriteLn('This partition size has ',DiskSize(0),' bytes');
  WriteLn('Currently ',DiskFree(0),' bytes are free');

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