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AddDisk (platform)

Add disk definition to list if drives (Unix only)


Source position: dos.pp line 55

function AddDisk(

  const path: string



AddDisk adds a filename S to the internal list of disks. It is implemented for systems which do not use DOS type drive letters. This list is used to determine which disks to use in the DiskFree and DiskSize calls. The DiskFree and DiskSize functions need a file on the specified drive, since this is required for the statfs system call. The names are added sequentially. The Dos initialization code presets the first three disks to:

The first call to AddDisk will therefore add a name for the second harddisk, The second call for the third drive, and so on until 23 drives have been added (corresponding to drives 'D:' to 'Z:')



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