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Get or set all strings in the list in a delimited form.


Source position: classesh.inc line 771

public property TStrings.DelimitedText : string
  read GetDelimitedText
  write SetDelimitedText;


DelimitedText returns all strings, properly quoted with QuoteChar and separated by the Delimiter character.

Strings are quoted if they contain a space or any character with ASCII value less than 32.

The CommaText property is a special case of delimited text where the delimiter character is a comma and the quote character is a double quote.

If StrictDelimiter is set to True, then no quoting is done (The QuoteChar property is disregarded completely): the returned text will contain the items in the stringlist, separated by the Delimiter character. When writing the DelimitedText property, the text will be split at all occurrences of the Delimiter character; however, when reading, the QuoteChar property will be taken into account.

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