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Class to store collections of bits (binary values that can be 0 or 1)


Source position: classesh.inc line 383

type TBits = class(TObject)


  constructor Create(); virtual;


Creates a new bits collection.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroys a bit collection

  function GetFSize;


Returns the number of records used to store the bits.

  procedure SetOn();


Turn a particular bit on.

  procedure Clear();


Clears a particular bit.

  procedure Clearall;


Clears all bits in the array.

  procedure CopyBits();


Copy bits from one bits set to another

  procedure AndBits();


Performs an and operation on the bits.

  procedure OrBits();


Performs an or operation on the bits.

  procedure XorBits();


Performs a xor operation on the bits.

  procedure NotBits();


Performs a not operation on the bits.

  function Get();


Retrieve the value of a particular bit

  procedure Grow();


Expands the bits array to the requested size.

  function Equals();


Determines whether the bits of 2 arrays are equal.

  procedure SetIndex();


Sets the start position for FindNextBit and FindPrevBit

  function FindFirstBit();


Find first bit with a particular value

  function FindNextBit;


Searches the next bit with a particular value.

  function FindPrevBit;


Searches the previous bit with a particular value.

  function OpenBit;


Returns the position of the first bit that is set to False.

  property Bits []: Boolean; default; [rw]


Access to all bits in the array.

  property Size: LongInt; [rw]


Current size of the array of bits.





Class to store collections of bits (binary values that can be 0 or 1)




TBits can be used to store collections of bits in an indexed array. This is especially useful for storing collections of booleans: Normally the size of a boolean is the size of the smallest enumerated type, i.e. 1 byte. Since a bit can take 2 values it can be used to store a boolean as well. Since TBits can store 8 bits in a byte, it takes 8 times less space to store an array of booleans in a TBits class then it would take to store them in a conventional array.

TBits introduces methods to store and retrieve bit values, apply masks, and search for bits.

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