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Driver class which stores component data in binary form.


Source position: classesh.inc line 1486

type TBinaryObjectWriter = class(TAbstractObjectWriter)


  constructor Create();


Creates a new instance of a binary object writer.

  destructor Destroy; override;


Destroys an instance of the binary object writer.

  procedure WriteSignature; override;


Write stream signature to the stream

  procedure FlushBuffer; override;


Flush the buffer

  procedure BeginCollection; override;


Start writing a collection.

  procedure BeginComponent(); override;


Start writing a component

  procedure BeginList; override;


Start writing a list.

  procedure EndList; override;


Mark the end of a list.

  procedure BeginProperty(); override;


Start writing a property

  procedure EndProperty; override;


Marks the end of writing of a property.

  procedure Write(); override;


Write raw data to stream

  procedure WriteBinary(); override;


Writes binary data to the stream.

  procedure WriteBoolean(); override;


Writes a boolean value to the stream.

  procedure WriteFloat(); override;


Writes a float value to the stream.

  procedure WriteSingle(); override;


Writes a single-type real value to the stream.

  procedure WriteDate(); override;


Writes a date type to the stream.

  procedure WriteCurrency(); override;


Write a currency-valued type to a stream

  procedure WriteIdent(); override;


Writes an identifier to the stream.

  procedure WriteInteger(); override;


Writes an integer value to the stream.

  procedure WriteUInt64(); override;


Write an unsigned 64-bit integer

  procedure WriteMethodName(); override;


Writes a methodname to the stream.

  procedure WriteSet(); override;


Writes a set value to the stream.

  procedure WriteStr();


Write a string to the binary stream

  procedure WriteString(); override;


Writes a string value to the stream.

  procedure WriteWideString(); override;


Write a widestring-valued type to a stream

  procedure WriteUnicodeString(); override;


Write a Unicode string to the stream.

  procedure WriteVariant(); override;


Write a variant to the stream





Driver class which stores component data in binary form.




Abstract driver class for writing component data.



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