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Interface for maintaining a list of interfaces.


Source position: classesh.inc line 2059

type IInterfaceList = interface

  function Get();


Retrieve an interface pointer from the list.

  function GetCapacity;


Return the capacity of the list.

  function GetCount;


Return the current number of elements in the list.

  procedure Put();


Write an item to the list

  procedure SetCapacity();


Set the capacity of the list

  procedure SetCount();


Set the number of items in the list

  procedure Clear;


Clear the list

  procedure Delete();


Remove an interface from the list

  procedure Exchange();


Exchange 2 interfaces in the list

  function First;


Return the first non-empty interface in the list.

  function IndexOf();


Return the index of an interface.

  function Add();


Add an interface to the list

  procedure Insert();


Insert an interface in the list.

  function Last;


Returns the last non-nil interface in the list.

  function Remove();


Remove an interface from the list

  procedure Lock;


Lock the list

  procedure Unlock;


Unlock the list.

  property Capacity: Integer; [rw]


Capacity of the list

  property Count: Integer; [rw]


Current number of elements in the list.

  property Items []: IUnknown; default; [rw]


Provides Index-based, sequential, access to the interfaces in the list.





Interface for maintaining a list of interfaces.


IInterfaceList is an interface for maintaining a list of interfaces, strongly resembling the standard TList class. It offers the same list of public methods as TList, with the exception that it uses interfaces instead of pointers.

All interfaces in the list should descend from IUnknown.

More detailed descriptions of how the various methods behave can be found in the TList reference.

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Class to manage collections of pointers.

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