Chapter 1
Pascal Tokens

Tokens are the basic lexical building blocks of source code: they are the “words” of the language: characters are combined into tokens according to the rules of the programming language. There are five classes of tokens:

reserved words
These are words which have a fixed meaning in the language. They cannot be changed or redefined.
These are names of symbols that the programmer defines. They can be changed and re-used. They are subject to the scope rules of the language.
These are usually symbols for mathematical or other operations: +, -, * and so on.
This is usually white-space.
Numerical or character constants are used to denote actual values in the source code, such as 1 (integer constant) or 2.3 (float constant) or “String constant” (a string: a piece of text).

In this chapter we describe all the Pascal reserved words, as well as the various ways to denote strings, numbers, identifiers etc.

 1.1 Symbols
 1.3 Reserved words
  1.3.1 Turbo Pascal reserved words
  1.3.2 Object Pascal reserved words
  1.3.3 Modifiers
 1.4 Identifiers
 1.5 Hint directives
 1.6 Numbers
 1.7 Labels
 1.8 Character strings