E.4.5 Install

Contains instructions for installation of the compiled units and programs. The following keywords are recognized:

The directory that is used as the base directory for the installation of units. Default this is prefix appended with /lib/fpc/FPC_VERSION for linux or simply the prefix directory on other platforms.
Directory where data files will be installed, i.e. the files specified with the Files keyword.
A boolean key. If this key is specified and equals y, the files will be installed as a fpc package under the Free Pascal units directory, i.e. under a separate directory. The directory will be named with the name specified in the package section.
extra data files to be installed in the directory specified with the datadir key.
is the directory below which all installs are done. This corresponds to the prefix argument to gnu configure. It is used for the installation of programs and units. By default, this is /usr on linux, and /pp on all other platforms.
extra units that should be installed, and which are not part of the unit targets. The units in the units target will be installed automatically.

Units will be installed in the subdirectory units/$(OS_TARGET) of the dirbase entry.