8.2 Data formats

This section gives information on the storage space occupied by the different possible types in Free Pascal. Information on internal alignment will also be given.

  8.2.1 Integer types
  8.2.2 Char types
  8.2.3 Boolean types
  8.2.4 Enumeration types
  8.2.5 Floating point types
  8.2.6 Pointer types
  8.2.7 String types
   Ansistring types
   Shortstring types
   Unicodestring types
   Widestring types
  8.2.8 Set types
  8.2.9 Static array types
  8.2.10 Dynamic array types
  8.2.11 Record types
  8.2.12 Object types
  8.2.13 Class types
  8.2.14 File types
  8.2.15 Procedural types