3.1.5 Configuration file

Not all options must be given on the compiler command line. The compiler can use a configuration file which can contain the same options as on the command line. There can be only one command-line option on each line in the configuration file.

Unless you specify the -n (see page 96) option, the compiler will look for a configuration file fpc.cfg in the following places:

Remark: Note that the compiler directory is determined by the location of the actual compiler binary. This has 2 consequences:

  1. The default installation on unix places this under /usr/local/lib/fpc, or /usr/lib/fpc. It places several symlinks in /usr/local/bin or /usr/bin. These symlinks are not considered when looking for the configuration file(s), so the places to look for the configuration file are /usr/local/lib/fpc/etc, or /usr/lib/fpc/etc.
  2. The fpc command is not the actual compiler binary. The fpc command selects the actual compiler binary based on e.g. the CPU target. The actual compiler binary is called ppcXYZ.