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Creates a file stream.


Source position: classesh.inc line 939

public constructor TFileStream.Create(

  const AFileName: string;

  Mode: Word


constructor TFileStream.Create(

  const AFileName: string;

  Mode: Word;

  Rights: Cardinal



Create creates a new instance of a TFileStream class. It opens the file AFileName with mode Mode, which can have one of the following values:

fmCreate TFileStream.Create creates a new file if needed.
fmOpenRead TFileStream.Create opens a file with read-only access.
fmOpenWrite TFileStream.Create opens a file with write-only access.
fmOpenReadWrite TFileStream.Create opens a file with read-write access.

After the file has been opened in the requested mode and a handle has been obtained from the operating system, the inherited constructor is called.


If the file could not be opened in the requested mode, an EFOpenError exception is raised.

See also



Base class for streams.



The filename of the stream.



Create a handlestream from an OS Handle.

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