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Video driver record


Source position: videoh.inc line 28

type TVideoDriver = record

  InitDriver: procedure;


Initializes the driver

  DoneDriver: procedure;


Finalizes the driver (used for cleanup)

  UpdateScreen: procedure(


Force an update of the screen

  Force: Boolean


  ClearScreen: procedure;


Clear the screen

  SetVideoMode: function(


Set the video mode

  const Mode: TVideoMode


  GetVideoModeCount: function: Word;


Get number of supported video modes

  GetVideoModeData: function(


Return data for the selected video mode

  Index: Word;

  var Data: TVideoMode


  SetCursorPos: procedure(


Set the cursos position.

  NewCursorX: Word;

  NewCursorY: Word


  GetCursorType: function: Word;


Get the current cursor type.

  SetCursorType: procedure(


Set the current cursos type.

  NewType: Word


  GetCapabilities: function: Word;


Get the capabilities of the driver.



TVideoDriver record can be used to install a custom video driver, with the SetVideoDriver call.

An explanation of all fields can be found there.

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