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Record describing an element in an array of const


Source position: objpash.inc line 418

type TVarRec = record

  case VType: SizeInt of

    vtInteger: (

        VInteger: LongInt;


Integer value


    vtBoolean: (

        VBoolean: Boolean;


Boolean value


    vtChar: (

        VChar: Char;


Character value


    vtWideChar: (

        VWideChar: WideChar;


Widechar value


    vtExtended: (

        VExtended: PExtended;


Extended value


    vtString: (

        VString: PShortString;


String value


    vtPointer: (

        VPointer: Pointer;


Pointer value


    vtPChar: (

        VPChar: PAnsiChar;


PChar value (null-terminated string)


    vtObject: (

        VObject: TObject;


Object value (instance pointer)


    vtClass: (

        VClass: TClass;


Class pointer value (VMT pointer)


    vtPWideChar: (

        VPWideChar: PWideChar;


Widechar value


    vtAnsiString: (

        VAnsiString: Pointer;


Ansistring value


    vtCurrency: (

        VCurrency: PCurrency;


Currency value


    vtVariant: (

        VVariant: PVariant;


Variant value


    vtInterface: (

        VInterface: Pointer;


Interface value


    vtWideString: (

        VWideString: Pointer;


Widestring value


    vtInt64: (

        VInt64: PInt64;


Int64 value


    vtUnicodeString: (

        VUnicodeString: Pointer;


Unicode string value


    vtQWord: (

        VQWord: PQWord;


QWord value




TVarRec is a record generated by the compiler for each element in a array of const call. The procedure that receives the constant array receives an array of TVarRec elements, with lower bound zero and high bound equal to the number of elements in the array minus one (as returned by High(Args))

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