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Thread manager record.


Source position: threadh.inc line 67

type TThreadManager = record

  InitManager: function: Boolean;


Initialize the thread manager.

  DoneManager: function: Boolean;


Clean up the thread manager.

  BeginThread: TBeginThreadHandler;


Start a new thread.

  EndThread: TEndThreadHandler;


End the current thread.

  SuspendThread: TThreadHandler;


Suspend a running thread.

  ResumeThread: TThreadHandler;


Resume a suspended thread.

  KillThread: TThreadHandler;


Kill a running thread.

  CloseThread: TThreadHandler;


Implements CloseThread.

  ThreadSwitch: TThreadSwitchHandler;


Cause a threadswitch.

  WaitForThreadTerminate: TWaitForThreadTerminateHandler;


Wait for a thread to stop.

  ThreadSetPriority: TThreadSetPriorityHandler;


Set thread priority

  ThreadGetPriority: TThreadGetPriorityHandler;


Get thread priority.

  GetCurrentThreadId: TGetCurrentThreadIdHandler;


Get current thread ID

  InitCriticalSection: TCriticalSectionHandler;


Initialize a critical section.

  DoneCriticalSection: TCriticalSectionHandler;


Free a critical section

  EnterCriticalSection: TCriticalSectionHandler;


Enter a critical section

  TryEnterCriticalSection: TCriticalSectionHandlerTryEnter;


Implements TryEnterCriticalsection.

  LeaveCriticalSection: TCriticalSectionHandler;


leave a critical section.

  InitThreadVar: TInitThreadVarHandler;


Initialize a thread variable.

  RelocateThreadVar: TRelocateThreadVarHandler;


Relocate a thread variable.

  AllocateThreadVars: TAllocateThreadVarsHandler;


Allocate thread variables.

  ReleaseThreadVars: TReleaseThreadVarsHandler;


Release thread variables.

  BasicEventCreate: TBasicEventCreateHandler;


Create a basic event.

  BasicEventDestroy: TBasicEventHandler;


Destroy a basic event.

  BasicEventResetEvent: TBasicEventHandler;


Reset a basic event.

  BasicEventSetEvent: TBasicEventHandler;


Set a basic event

  BasiceventWaitFOr: TBasicEventWaitForHandler;


Wait for a basic event

  RTLEventCreate: TRTLCreateEventHandler;


Create an RTL event

  RTLEventDestroy: TRTLEventHandler;


Free an RTL event

  RTLEventSetEvent: TRTLEventHandler;


Set an RTL event

  RTLEventResetEvent: TRTLEventHandler;


Reset an RTL event

  RTLEventWaitFor: TRTLEventHandler;


Wait for an RTL event.

  RTLEventWaitForTimeout: TRTLEventHandlerTimeout;


Wait for RTL event, with timeout.



TThreadManager is a record that contains all callbacks needed for the thread handling routines of the Free Pascal Run-Time Library. The thread manager can be set by the SetThreadManager procedure, and the current thread manager can be retrieved with the GetThreadManager procedure.

The Windows RTL will set the thread manager automatically to a system thread manager, based on the Windows threading routines. Unix operating systems provide a unit cthreads which implements threads based on the C library POSIX thread routines. It is not included by default, because it would make the system unit dependent on the C library.

For more information about thread programming, see the programmer's guide.

See also



Return the current thread manager



Set the thread manager, optionally return the current thread manager.

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