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Executable entry point information structure


Source position: systemh.inc line 622

type TEntryInformation = record

  InitFinalTable: Pointer;


List of units to initialize/finalize

  ThreadvarTablesTable: Pointer;


List of threadvar locations

  ResourceStringTables: Pointer;


Resource string tables for the executable

  ResStrInitTables: Pointer;


Pointer to compiler-generated resource string initialization table

  ResLocation: Pointer;


Resources location

  PascalMain: procedure;


Main pascal code routine

  valgrind_used: Boolean;


Determine if valgrind is used or not

  OS: TEntryInformationOS;


Operating system entry information



TEntryInformation is used to initialize a Free Pascal program or library. Under normal circumstances, there should be no need to use this structure directly: it is used by the system unit and special linking units.

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