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Return a copy of the currently active widestring manager.


Source position: ustringh.inc line 157

procedure GetWideStringManager(

  var Manager: TUnicodeStringManager



GetWideStringManager returns a copy of the currently active heap manager in Old

WideStrings are implemented in different ways on different platforms. Therefore, the Free Pascal Runtime library has no fixed implementation of widestring routines. Instead, it defines a WideString manager record, with callbacks that can be set to an implementation which is most efficient on the current platform. On windows, standard Windows routines will be used. On Unix and Linux, an implementation based on the C library is available (in unit cwstring).

It is possible to implement a custom widestring manager, optimized for the current application, without having to recompile the complete Run-Time Library.

See also



Set the widestring manager



Record containing the various callbacks of the widestring manager.

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