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Check validity of a given condition.


Source position: system.fpd line 32

procedure Assert(

  Expr: Boolean


procedure Assert(

  Expr: Boolean;

  const Msg: string



With assertions on, Assert tests if expr is false, and if so, aborts the application with a Runtime error 227 and an optional error message in msg. If expr is true, program execution continues normally. If assertions are not enabled at compile time, this routine does nothing, and no code is generated for the Assert call. Enabling and disabling assertions at compile time is done via the \$C or \$ASSERTIONS compiler switches. These are local switches. The default behavior of the assert call can be changed by setting a new handler in the AssertErrorProc variable. Sysutils overrides the default handler to raise a EAssertionFailed exception.



See also



Stop program execution.



Generate a run-time error.

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