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Extract the N-th delimited part from a string.


Source position: strutils.pp line 179

function ExtractDelimited(

  N: Integer;

  const S: string;

  const Delims: TSysCharSet





Which word to extract



String to extract word from



Characters to use as word delimiters.

Function result

N-th word


ExtractDelimited extracts the N-th part from the string S. The set of characters in Delims are used to mark part boundaries. When a delimiter is encountered, a new part is started and the old part is ended. Another way of stating this is that any (possibly empty) series of characters not in Delims, situated between 2 characters in Delims, it is considered as piece of a part. This means that if 2 delimiter characters appear next to each other, there is an empty part between it. If an N-th part cannot be found, an empty string is returned. However, unlike ExtractWord, an empty string is a valid return value, i.e. a part can be empty.

The pre-defined constant StdWordDelims can be used for the Delims argument. The pre-defined constant Brackets would be better suited the Delims argument e.g. in case factors in a mathematical expression are searched.



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