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Record with system information, used by the SysInfo call.


Source position: linux.pp line 36

type TSysInfo = record

  uptime: clong;


Number of seconds since boot.

  loads: array [0..2] of culong;


1, 5 and 15 minute load averages.

  totalram: culong;


total amount of main memory.

  freeram: culong;


amount of free memory.

  sharedram: culong;


amount of shared memory.

  bufferram: culong;


amount of memory used by buffers.

  totalswap: culong;


total amount of swapspace.

  freeswap: culong;


amount of free swapspace.

  procs: cushort;


number of current processes.

  pad: cushort;


Alignment padding

  totalhigh: culong;


Total amount of high memory

  freehigh: culong;


Total free amount of high memory in bytes

  mem_unit: cuint;


Memory unit size in bytes


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