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Controlling HeapTrc with environment variables

The HeapTrc unit can be controlled with the HEAPTRC environment variable. The contents of this variable controls the initial setting of some constants in the unit. HEAPTRC consists of one or more of the following strings, separated by spaces:

If this string occurs, then the KeepReleased variable is set to True
If this string occurs, then the UseHeapTrace variable is set to False and the heap trace is disabled. It does not make sense to combine this value with other values.
If this string occurs, then the HaltOnError variable is set to False, so the program continues executing even in case of a heap error.
If this string occurs, then the output of heaptrc is sent to the specified Filename. (see also SetHeapTraceOutput)

The following are valid values for the HEAPTRC variable:

HEAPTRC="keepreleased log=heap.log"
HEAPTRC="log=myheap.log nohalt"

Note that these strings are case sensitive, and the name of the variable too.

Documentation generated on: Jun 22 2020