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Record structure containing central file header


Source position: zipper.pp line 110

type Central_File_Header_Type = packed record

  Signature: LongInt;


Central file header signature

  MadeBy_Version: Word;


Zip version that compressed the file

  Extract_Version_Reqd: Word;


Zip version needed to extract file

  Bit_Flag: Word;


Central file general purpose bit flag

  Compress_Method: Word;


Compression method

  Last_Mod_Time: Word;


File last modification time

  Last_Mod_Date: Word;


File last modification date

  Crc32: LongWord;


CRC-32 checksum

  Compressed_Size: LongWord;


Compressed size of file

  Uncompressed_Size: LongWord;


Uncompressed size of file

  Filename_Length: Word;


Length of file name

  Extra_Field_Length: Word;


Extra field length

  File_Comment_Length: Word;


File comment length

  Starting_Disk_Num: Word;


Starting disk number

  Internal_Attributes: Word;


Internal file attributes

  External_Attributes: LongWord;


External file attributes

  Local_Header_Offset: LongWord;


Relative offset of local header



This record contains the structure for a file header within the central directory.

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