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Priority at which the process is running.


Source position: processbody.inc line 155

published property TPROCESS.Priority : TProcessPriority
  read FProcessPriority
  write FProcessPriority;


Priority determines the priority at which the process is running.

Priority Meaning
ppHigh The process runs at higher than normal priority.
ppIdle The process only runs when the system is idle (i.e. has nothing else to do)
ppNormal The process runs at normal priority.
ppRealTime The process runs at real-time priority.

Note that not all priorities can be set by any user. Usually, only users with administrative rights (the root user on Unix) can set a higher process priority.

On UNIX, the process priority is mapped on Nice values as follows:

Priority Nice value
ppHigh 20
ppIdle 20
ppNormal 0
ppRealTime -20

See also



type determining the priority of the newly started process.

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