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TPROCESS.CommandLine (deprecated)

Command-line to execute (deprecated)


Source position: processbody.inc line 147

published property TPROCESS.CommandLine : TProcessString
  read FCommandLine
  write SetCommandLine;


CommandLine is deprecated. To avoid problems with command-line options with spaces in them and the quoting problems that this entails, it has been superseded by the properties TProcess.Executable and TProcess.Parameters, which should be used instead of CommandLine. New code should leave CommandLine empty.

CommandLine is the command-line to be executed: this is the name of the program to be executed, followed by any options it should be passed.

If the command to be executed or any of the arguments contains whitespace (space, tab character, linefeed character) it should be enclosed in single or double quotes.

If no absolute pathname is given for the command to be executed, it is searched for in the PATH environment variable. On Windows, the current directory always will be searched first. On other platforms, this is not so.

Note that either CommandLine or ApplicationName must be set prior to calling Execute.

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