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Indicates if a Byte Order Mark (BOM) is written at the start of the .INI file


Source position: inifiles.pp line 249

public property TIniFile.WriteBOM : Boolean
  read FWriteBOM
  write SetWriteBOM;


WriteBOM is a Boolean property which indicates if a Byte Order Mark (BOM) is written at the start of the .INI file. The default value for the property is False, and causes the BOM to be omitted when storing the .INI file content.

Setting a new value for the property can cause the sections and section values to be re-written to the FileName or Stream where the .INI file content is stored. When CacheUpdates is False, the UpdateFile method is called to re-write the values in the storage. When CacheUpdates is True, the Dirty property is set to True and the action is deferred until the class instance is freed or update caching is disabled.

The property value is used in the UpdatFile method, and is assigned to the WriteBOM property in the TStrings instance used to write the content for the .INI file.

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