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Creates a database on disk


Source position: ibconnection.pp line 121

public procedure TIBConnection.CreateDB; override;


Instructs the Interbase or Firebird database server to create a new database.

If set, the TSQLConnection.Params (specifically, PAGE_SIZE) and TSQLConnection.CharSet properties influence the database creation.

If creating a database using a client/server environment, the TIBConnection code will connect to the database server before trying to create the database. Therefore make sure the connection properties are already correctly set, e.g. TSQLConnection.HostName, TSQLConnection.UserName, TSQLConnection.Password.

If creating a database using Firebird embedded, make sure the embedded library is loaded, the TSQLConnection.HostName property is empty, and set the TSQLConnection.UserName to e.g. 'SYSDBA'. See TIBConnection: Firebird/Interbase specific TSQLConnection for details on loading the embedded database library.

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