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Indicates whether the last record has been reached.


Source position: db.pas line 1728

public property TDataSet.EOF : Boolean
  read FEOF;


EOF is True if the cursor is on the last record in the dataset, and no more records are available. It is also True for an empty dataset. The EOF property will be set to True in the following cases:

  1. The cursor is on the last record, and the TDataset.Next method is called.
  2. The TDataset.Last method is called (which is equivalent to moving to the last record and calling TDataset.Next).
  3. The dataset is empty when opened.

In all other cases, EOF is False. Note: when the cursor is on the last-but-one record, and Next is called (moving the cursor to the last record), EOF will not yet be True. Only if both the cursor is on the last record andNext is called, will EOF become True.

This means that the following loop will stop after the last record was visited:

With MyDataset do
  While not EOF do

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