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Unicode Collation data item properties


Source position: unicodedata.pas line 287

type TUCA_PropItemRec = packed record


  WeightLength: Byte;


Number of weights

  ChildCount: Byte;


Number of childs

  Size: Word;


Total size (in bytes) of data

  Flags: Byte;


Flags for this item

  function HasCodePoint;


Check flags whether a codepoint is present.

  property CodePoint: UInt24; [r]


Get the codepoint

  function IsValid;


Check flags for validity

  procedure GetWeightArray();


Return an array of weights

  function GetSelfOnlySize;


Size of this item data (in bytes).

  function GetContextual;


Check if the contextual bit is set in the flags (getter for Contextual)

  property Contextual: Boolean; [r]


Check if the contextual bit is set in the flags

  function GetContext;


Access to context data

  function IsDeleted;


Check flags if deleted bit is set

  function IsWeightCompress_1;


Check whether weight compression flag 1 is set

  function IsWeightCompress_2;


Check whether weight compression flag 2 is set



TUCA_PropItemRec encodes 1 entry from the Unicode Collation data in an encoded form.

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Internal tree structure for sorted storage of unicode collation data

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