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Unicode character properties record


Source position: unicodedata.pas line 215

type TUC_Prop = packed record


  CategoryData: Byte;


Category data

  CCC: Byte;


  NumericIndex: Byte;


Index in numeric values array

  SimpleUpperCase: UInt24;


Simple uppercase version

  SimpleLowerCase: UInt24;


Simple lowercase version

  DecompositionID: SmallInt;


Decomposition ID

  property Category: Byte; [rw]


Get the category

  property WhiteSpace: Boolean; [rw]


Is the character considered whitespace

  property HangulSyllable: Boolean; [rw]


Is the character a hangul syllable

  property NumericValue: Double; [r]


Numeric value



TUC_Prop describes the collation characteristics of a unicode character. It is an internal structure which should not be used directly, the actual structure is subject to change.

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