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Dynamic library loading support


Source position: dynlibh.inc line 40

type TDynLibsManager = record

  LoadLibraryU: TLoadLibraryUHandler;


Load library using unicode file name

  LoadLibraryA: TLoadLibraryAHandler;


Load library using ansistring filename

  GetProcAddress: TGetProcAddressHandler;


Get address of procedure by name

  GetProcAddressOrdinal: TGetProcAddressOrdinalHandler;


Get address of procedure by ordinal (Windows only)

  UnloadLibrary: TUnloadLibraryHandler;


Unload a loaded library

  GetLoadErrorStr: TGetLoadErrorStrHandler;


Get string description of loadable library



TDynLibsManager contains all the callbacks needed to load and manage dynamic libraries. The system unit does not contain dynamic loading library support on all supported platforms. Like the unicode string support, heap support and thread support, support for loading dnamic libraries is pluggable. This record contains the necessary callbacks that the system unit needs to implement loading of dynamic libraries (needed for example for run-time package support).

Including the dynlibs unit will enable support for dynamically loadable libraries on all platforms that support this.

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Cross-platform support for dynamically loadable libraries

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