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Get the address of a procedure or symbol in a dynamic library.


Source position: dynlibh.inc line 54

function GetProcedureAddress(

  Lib: TLibHandle;

  const ProcName: AnsiString


function GetProcedureAddress(

  Lib: TLibHandle;

  Ordinal: TOrdinalEntry



GetProcedureAddress returns a pointer to the location in memory of the symbol ProcName or ordinal value Ordinal in the dynamically loaded library specified by it's handle lib. If the symbol cannot be found or the handle is invalid, Nil is returned.

On Windows, only an exported procedure or function can be searched this way. On Unix platforms the location of any exported symbol can be retrieved this way.

Only windows and OS/2 support getting the address of a function using an ordinal value.


If the symbol cannot be found, Nil is returned.

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