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Optimized search-and-replace algorithm


Source position: strutils.pp line 240

function StringReplace(

  const S: string;

  const OldPattern: string;

  const NewPattern: string;

  Flags: TReplaceFlags;

  Algorithm: TStringReplaceAlgorithm = sraDefault

):string; overload;

function StringReplace(

  const S: UnicodeString;

  const OldPattern: UnicodeString;

  const NewPattern: UnicodeString;

  Flags: TReplaceFlags

):UnicodeString; overload;

function StringReplace(

  const S: WideString;

  const OldPattern: WideString;

  const NewPattern: WideString;

  Flags: TReplaceFlags

):WideString; overload;


StringReplace replaces one or all occurrences of OldPattern with NewPattern in the string S. The behaviour is controlled by Flags and the search mechanism may be optimized usin Algorithm. A list of possible algorithms is specified in TStringReplaceAlgorithm.

For ansistrings, this is an optimized version of the SysUtils.StringReplace algorithm. For widestrings or unicodestrings, the algorithm parameter is ignored and the default mechanism in sysutils is always used.



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