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Mouse event reporting record.


Source position: mouseh.inc line 22

type TMouseEvent = packed record

  buttons: Word;


Pressed buttons at time of event.

  x: Word;


Horizontal position of mouse cursor.

  y: Word;


Vertical position of mouse cursor.

  Action: Word;


Type of event.



The TMouseEvent is the central type of the mouse unit, it is used to describe all mouse events.

The Buttons field describes which buttons were down when the event occurred. The x,y fields describe where the event occurred on the screen. The Action describes what action was going on when the event occurred. The Buttons and Action field can be examined using the constants defined in the unit interface.

See also



Get next mouse event from the queue.



Query next mouse event. Do not wait if none available.



Put a mouse event in the venet queue.

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