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Allocate a block of linear memory


Source position: go32.pp line 147

function allocate_memory_block(

  size: LongInt



Allocates a block of linear memory.


Size of requested linear memory block in bytes.

Returned values: blockhandle - the memory handle to this memory block. Linear address of the requested memory.

Remark: warning According to my DPMI docs this function is not implemented correctly. Normally you should also get a blockhandle to this block after successful operation. This handle can then be used to free the memory block afterwards or use this handle for other purposes. Since the function isn't implemented correctly, and doesn't return a blockhandle, the block can't be deallocated and is hence unusuable ! This function doesn't allocate any descriptors for this block, it's the applications resposibility to allocate and initialize for accessing this memory.


Check the int31error variable.

See also



Free allocated memory block

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