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Structure describing the binary.


Source position: exeinfo.pp line 25

type TExeFile = record

  f: file;


File handle to the executable image on disk.

  size: Int64;


Size of the executable

  isopen: Boolean;


Is the file handle f open ?

  nsects: LongInt;


Number of sections in the binary

  sechdrofs: PtrUInt;


Section header offset

  secstrofs: PtrUInt;


Section strings offset.

  processaddress: PtrUInt;


Used on BEOS only

  FunctionRelative: Boolean;


Internal variable

  ImgOffset: PtrUInt;


Image offset

  filename: string;


Filename of binary file

  buf: array [0..4095] of Byte;


Buffer used in internal read operations

  bufsize: LongInt;


Size of internal buffer

  bufcnt: LongInt;


Number of bytes in the buffer.



TExeFile is a record used in the various calls of this unit. It contains a file descriptor, and various fields that describe the executable.

The structure of TExeFile is opaque, that is, one shouldn't rely on the exactness of this structure, it may change any time in the future.

See also



Open an executable file



Close a previously opened file.

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