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Reference for unit 'Dos'

DOS - Turbo Pascal MS-DOS interface




The system unit



Basic Unix functionality


The DOS unit gives access to some operating system calls related to files, the file system, date and time. Except for the PalmOS target, this unit is available to all supported platforms.

The unit was first written for Dos by Florian Klaempfl. It was ported to Linux by Mark May and enhanced by Michael Van Canneyt. The Amiga version was ported by Nils Sjoholm.

Under non-DOS systems, some of the functionality is lost, as it is either impossible or meaningless to implement it. Other than that, the functionality is the same for all operating systems.

Because the DOS unit is a Turbo Pascal compatibility unit, it is no longer actively developed: the interface is frozen and it is maintained only for the purpose of porting Turbo Pascal programs. For new development, it is recommended to use the sysutils unit instead.

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System information



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