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Queue a method for execution in the main thread


Source position: classesh.inc line 1758

protected procedure TThread.Queue(

  aMethod: TThreadMethod


class procedure TThread.Queue(

  aThread: TThread;

  aMethod: TThreadMethod



Queue schedules a method aMethod for execution in the main thread. In difference with TThread.Synchronize, Queue just posts the method for execution in a queue, and does not wait for it to be executed, so this call returns at once.

In the class procedure overloaded version of this call, the thread for which the method must be posted is the first argument. In the protected version of this call (used in the tthread instance), this argument is not there, and the thread instance is used.

When a thread object is destroyed (after it has finished executing) all its queued calls are removed from the queue list.

See also



Synchronizes the thread by executing the method in the main thread.



Remove methods scheduled for execution from queue

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