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Unicode character mapping for single-byte codepage


Source position: charset.pp line 45

type tunicodemap = record

  cpname: string;


Codepage name

  cp: Word;


Numerical codepage identifier

  map: punicodecharmapping;


Forward map (array)

  lastchar: LongInt;


Index of last character (or size of map array)

  reversemap: preversecharmapping;


Reverse map (array)

  reversemaplength: LongInt;


Length of reverse map (or size of reversemap array)

  next: punicodemap;


Pointer to next unicode map in chain

  internalmap: Boolean;


Is this an internal map (not dynamically loaded, may not be freed)



tunicodemap describes a complete mapping between a single-byte code page and a unicode character set. It contains both a forward and backward mapping.

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