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Positional write: write to file descriptor at a certain position.


Source position: bunxh.inc line 89

function FpPWrite(

  fd: cint;

  buf: PChar;

  nbytes: TSize;

  offset: TOff


function FppWrite(

  fd: cint;

  const buf;

  nbytes: TSize;

  offset: TOff



FpPWrite writes nbytes bytes from buffer buf into file descriptor fd starting at offset offset. Offset is measured from the start of the file. This function can only be used on files, not on pipes or sockets (i.e. any seekable file descriptor).

The function returns the number of bytes actually written, or -1 on error.


On error, -1 is returned.

See also



Positional read: read from file descriptor at a certain position.



Vector write: Write from multiple buffers to a file descriptor

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