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Create a new directory


Source position: bunxh.inc line 76

function FpMkdir(

  path: PChar;

  Mode: TMode


function FpMkdir(

  const path: RawByteString;

  Mode: TMode



FpMkDir creates a new directory Path, and sets the new directory's mode to Mode. Path can be an absolute path or a relative path. Note that only the last element of the directory will be created, higher level directories must already exist, and must be writeable by the current user.

On succes, 0 is returned. if the function fails, -1 is returned.

Note: There exist a portable alterative to fpMkDir: system.mkdir. Please use fpMkDir only if you are writing Unix specific code. System.mkdir will work on all operating systems.


Extended error information can be retrieved using fpGetErrno.

See also



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