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Resource data as an ICO/CUR stream


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public property TGroupResource.ItemData : TStream
  read GetItemData;


This property gives access to resource data in a (ICO or CUR) file-like stream, unlike RawData.

The exact format of the stream (ico or cur) is determined by the descendant class of TGroupResource that is used.

ItemData does not create a copy of RawData so memory usage is generally kept limited.

You can also set a custom stream as the underlying stream for ItemData via SetCustomItemDataStream, much like SetCustomRawDataStream does for RawData. This is useful when you want a TGroupIconResource or TGroupCursorResource to be created from a ico or cur file for which you have a stream.

Remark: If you need to access RawData after you modified ItemData, be sure to call UpdateRawData first. This isn't needed however when resource is written to a stream, since TResources takes care of it.

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