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Re-initializes the internal buffer for the buffered file stream


Source position: bufstream.pp line 138

public procedure TBufferedFileStream.InitializeCache(

  const aCacheBlockSize: Integer;

  const aCacheBlockCount: Integer





Number of blocks (pages) allocated in the internal buffer



Size for each block (page) allocated in the internal buffer


Re-initializes the internal buffer to use the number of blocks (pages) in aCacheBlockCount where each block (page) has the size in aCacheBlockSize.

InitializeCache checks pages in the internal buffer to see if any have been modified, and writes them to the file stream when needed. Memory allocated to an existing buffer page is freed, and the page is discarded.

Values in aCacheBlockCount and aCacheBlockSize are stored internally, and the buffer size is updated to use the size from the file stream.

InitializeCache re-allocates and zero-fills memory used for each of the pages in the buffer prior to exiting from the method.

InitializeCache is called from the Create method to allocate buffer pages using the default count and size for the class.

Use Flush to write modified values in page buffers to the file stream without re-initializing the internal buffer.

See also



Flushes modified pages in the buffer to the file stream



Constructor for the class instance

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