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Find last occurrence of substring or character in a string


Source position: strutils.pp line 181

function RPos(

  c: Char;

  const S: AnsiString

):SizeInt; overload;

function RPos(

  const Substr: AnsiString;

  const Source: AnsiString

):SizeInt; overload;

function RPos(

  c: Unicodechar;

  const S: UnicodeString

):SizeInt; overload;

function RPos(

  const Substr: UnicodeString;

  const Source: UnicodeString

):SizeInt; overload;


RPos looks in S for the character C or the string SubStr. It starts looking at the end of the string, and searches towards the beginning of the string. If a match is found, it returns the position of the match.

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