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Extract the N-th delimited part from a string.


Source position: strutils.pp line 205

function ExtractDelimited(

  N: Integer;

  const S: string;

  const Delims: TSysCharSet





Which word to extract



String to extract word from



Characters to use as word delimiters.

Function result

N-th word


ExtractDelimited extracts the N-th part from the string S. The set of characters in Delims are used to mark part boundaries. When a delimiter is encountered, a new part is started and the old part is ended. Another way of stating this is that any (possibly empty) series of characters not in Delims, situated between 2 characters in Delims, it is considered as piece of a part. This means that if 2 delimiter characters appear next to each other, there is an empty part between it. If an N-th part cannot be found, an empty string is returned. However, unlike ExtractWord, an empty string is a valid return value, i.e. a part can be empty.

The predefined constant StdWordDelims can be used for the Delims argument. The predefined constant Brackets would be better suited the Delims argument e.g. in case factors in a mathematical expression are searched.



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