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Tree element


Source position: keyboard.pp line 35

type TTreeElement = record

  Next: PTreeElement;


Reference to next scancode in the tree

  Parent: PTreeElement;


Reference to parent scancode in the tree

  Child: PTreeElement;


Reference to child scancode in the tree

  CanBeTerminal: Boolean;


This scancode is possibly the last of a sequence scancode

  char: Byte;


Key Character

  ScanValue: Byte;


Key scancode

  CharValue: Byte;


Character value for scancode

  SpecialHandler: Tprocedure;


Procedure to handle this sequence



TTreeELement is used to describe key scancode sequences, and is used to handle special key combinations in AddSpecialSequence on UNIX platforms. There should be no need to handle records of this type.

See also



Add a handler for a special key sequence

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