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Keyboard driver structure


Source position: keybrdh.inc line 130

type TKeyboardDriver = record

  InitDriver: procedure;


Handler called when initializing keyboard driver

  DoneDriver: procedure;


Handler called when unloading keyboard driver

  GetKeyEvent: function: TKeyEvent;


Blocking handler called when a key event is requested

  PollKeyEvent: function: TKeyEvent;


Non blocking handler when checking for presence of a key event

  GetShiftState: function: Byte;


Handler called to request the current shift state

  TranslateKeyEvent: function(


Translate key event to a suitable ASCII representation

  KeyEvent: TKeyEvent


  TranslateKeyEventUniCode: function(


Translate key event to a suitable Unicode representation

  KeyEvent: TKeyEvent




The TKeyboardDriver record can be used to install a custom keyboard driver with the SetKeyboardDriver function.

The various fields correspond to the different functions of the keyboard unit interface. For more information about this record see kbddriver

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