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Initialize the keyboard driver.


Source position: keybrdh.inc line 140

procedure InitKeyboard;


InitKeyboard initializes the keyboard driver. If the driver is already active, it does nothing. When the driver is initialized, it will do everything necessary to ensure the functioning of the keyboard, including allocating memory, initializing the terminal etc.

This function should be called once, before using any of the keyboard functions. When it is called, the DoneKeyboard function should also be called before exiting the program or changing the keyboard driver with SetKeyboardDriver.

On Unix, the default keyboard driver sets terminal in raw mode. In raw mode the line feed behaves as an actual linefeed, i.e. the cursor is moved down one line. while the x coordinate does not change. To compensate, the default keyboard sets driver line ending of system.output to #13#10.

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Deactivate keyboard driver.



Set a new keyboard driver.

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