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Record describing a graphical mode.


Source position: graphh.inc line 615

type TModeInfo = record

  DriverNumber: SmallInt;


Number of the driver to be used in InitGraph.

  ModeNumber: SmallInt;


Number of the mode to be used in InitGraph.

  internModeNumber: SmallInt;


Internal mode number. Do not use.

  MaxColor: LongInt;


Max. number of colors in this mode.

  PaletteSize: LongInt;


Max number of palette entries in this mode.

  XAspect: Word;


X aspect (Aspect ratio correction factor) of mode

  YAspect: Word;


Y aspect (Aspect ratio correction factor) of mode

  MaxX: Word;


Max number of pixels in horizontal direction (columns).

  MaxY: Word;


Max number of pixels in vertical direction (rows).

  DirectColor: Boolean;


Direct color mode ? (If False, uses palette)

  Hardwarepages: Byte;


Total number of image pages - 1

  ModeName: string;


Mode description.

  DirectPutPixel: defpixelproc;


Mode Putpixel routine.

  GetPixel: getpixelproc;


Mode Getpixel routine.

  PutPixel: putpixelproc;


Mode Putpixel routine.

  SetRGBPalette: setrgbpaletteproc;


Mode SetRGBPalette routine

  GetRGBPalette: getrgbpaletteproc;


Mode GetRGBPalette routine

  SetAllPalette: SetAllPaletteProc;


Mode SetAllPalette routine

  SetVisualPage: setvisualpageproc;


Mode SetVisualPage routine

  SetActivePage: setactivepageproc;


Mode SetActivePage routine

  ClearViewPort: clrviewproc;


Mode Clearviewport routine.

  PutImage: putimageproc;


Mode PutImage routine.

  GetImage: getimageproc;


Mode GetImage routine.

  ImageSize: imagesizeproc;


Mode ImageSize routine.

  GetScanLine: getscanlineproc;


Mode GetScanLine routine

  Line: lineproc;


Mode Line drawing routine

  InternalEllipse: ellipseproc;


Mode ellipse drawing routine.

  PatternLine: patternlineproc;


Mode PatternLine routine.

  HLine: hlineproc;


Mode Horizontal full line drawing routine.

  VLine: vlineproc;


Mode vertical full line drawing routine.

  Circle: CircleProc;


Mode circle drawing routine.

  InitMode: initmodeproc;


Mode initialization routine.

  OutTextXY: OutTextXYProc;


Mode OutTextXY routine.

  SetBKColor: SetBkColorProc;


Set background color (SetBkColor) callback

  GetBKColor: GetBkColorProc;


Get background color (GetBkColor) callback

  next: PModeInfo;


Pointer to next mode in linked list.


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