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Record used to return kernel information in fpUName function.


Source position: ostypes.inc line 59

type UtsName = record

  Sysname: array [0..UTSNAME_LENGTH-1] of Char;


System name

  Nodename: array [0..UTSNAME_NODENAME_LENGTH-1] of Char;


Computer name

  Release: array [0..UTSNAME_LENGTH-1] of Char;


Release number

  Version: array [0..UTSNAME_LENGTH-1] of Char;


Version number

  Machine: array [0..UTSNAME_LENGTH-1] of Char;


Machine type

  Domain: array [0..UTSNAME_DOMAIN_LENGTH-1] of Char;


Domain name



The elements of this record are null-terminated C style strings, you cannot access them directly. Note that the Domain field is a GNU extension, and may not be available on all platforms.

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